Salesforce Community Cloud

Community Cloud

Connect, Collaborate and Engage

The Salesforce Community Cloud is a cloud-based infrastructure that enables collaboration among organizations, departments, employees and customers.

From employee portals and partner command centers to global business hubs and branded communities, RubinCRM enables you to utilize the Salesforce Community Cloud to your advantage.

With the power of the community cloud at your disposal, your team can deliver a memorable, interactive user experience to your customers and allow users to exchange data and images in real time.

The platform supports customer relationship management and also provides channels for customers to find information and chat with other customers.

From call centers to the web and social media, the community cloud can deliver constituent services, from anywhere.

Our customized, branded communities are 100% integrated with your business process, and designed to boost employee productivity.

Need a community for service and marketing use cases?

RubinCRM Customer Communities provide access to support cases, accounts and contacts for customers and employees as well as a host of powerful capabilities for customer service and engagement, including:

  • Social collaboration
  • Mobile access
  • Custom branding

What about partner and channel management? Our Partner Communities empower partners with collaboration and productivity tools including:

  • Role-based sharing & data access
  • Opportunity management
  • Social collaboration
  • Mobile access
  • Q & A for self-service
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Idea submission and endorsement

We implement and customize Salesforce's Customer (or Partner) Communities troubleshooting, human resources management, help desk communications and even have the ability to collaborate among geographically dispersed teams.

RubinCRM leverages the Community Cloud to increase employee productivity, engage with customers, and accelerate your business like never before.

Learn how RubinCRM leverages the Salesforce Community Cloud to improve business processes. Contact us today!